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Make your dreams real - our full-scale projection technology allows you to walk through actual-sized floor plans before you build!

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Full-Scale Projection

Our projecting technology creates actual-sized layouts inside of our showroom. Feel the design of your floor plan as you walk through in real space.

/ Get It Right

Compare & Customize

Make changes & consult with professionals and stakeholders. Bring your entire team to make design choices in parallel rather than a long back-and-forth with multiple stakeholders.

/ Make It Real

Better than Paper and On-Screen Renders

Papers and digital mockups can only help you visualize your floor plan so much - we help show you what it actually FEELS like so you can be sure before you build.

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Everybody Wins

How can we help?

Team Work - Architecture X Webflow Template

Align w/ Stakeholders

Get all of the key stakeholders on your build to align & make critical design choices in parallel rather than a complicated back-and-forth

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Save Time

Accelerate the design and approval process with your clients. Improve your time to ROI and client satisfaction.

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Less Change Orders

Aligning on critical design choices up front will help reduce expensive change orders with your clients

Transparency - Architecture X Webflow Template

Get Compliant

We help residential, commercial, food service, and multifamily navigate complex regulations and ensure compliant designs upfront.

Innovation - Architecture X Webflow Template

Great Meeting Space

Gather your entire team, family, or stakeholders to view your layouts before you build. Ask about custom staging & other accommodations

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Customer Experience

Impress your customers & get more buy-in with this innovative experience. Stand out in a premium construction market.

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