Walk Floor Plans for Digital Mockups

Improve your service and add a life-sized walk through as an add-on to your paper & digital renders

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Review Life-Sized Layouts w/ Clients

We help architects upgrade their quality of service and stand-out in the premium custom residential home building & commercial markets

Impress your clients with high-tech walk thrus of actual-sized floor plans, before you build.

  • Give your clients more confidence in their designs.
  • Compare multiple floor plans.
  • Live on site customization & consultations.
  • Speed up your process - make critical decisions in parallel

What's included in this service?

Half & Full Day Bookings available - includes custom staging. Bring your own floor plans or shop from our professional partners. Compare multiple floor plans with your clients & stakeholders. Live on-site customization & consultations. Schedule a call with our team for more information!

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What our partners are saying:

“Helps promote our designs - Our clients love seeing life-sized floor in addition to digital renderings and mockups

“Getting to show off actual-sized layouts helps our clients & project stakeholders to get a better feel when comparing designs options. Much more engaged than looking at a screen or paper prints! Helps us save time on endless revisions”

Sam Davidson
Lead Architect - Cleveland Clinic

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